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I Eat Humble Pie Too

10 March 2011 1 comment

2 minutes


Today, I was at the wonderful and fabulous QCon London conference at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre. It was an absolute privilege to be there again. This is probably the best developer event in London aimed at corporate and professional engineers. I met some great people today, networked with a couple of German engineers from TimoCom Duesseldorf Germany Daniel Temme and Christian Kellner, Simon Brown from Coding the Architecture, Ade Oshineye from Google Open Social, Wendy from Skillsmatter, and of course Geeta Schmidt from Trifork/QCon. I will alway shout out Juan Germano, hailing all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kresten Krab Thorup from Trifork and Floyd Marinescu from QCon USA. I arrived in the afternoon hoping to represent the Java community and especially in my capacity as panelist at tomorrow’s Java Community Process session.

I feel humbled by the whole experience and proud that such an event happens in my home town, London.  Yes I made bad errors in technical leadership. Yes I have made errors sometimes in judgements. Yes I made views known to a wider community. Yes I have chosen to express my view and controversial that may be to you or the others reading this blog. Yes I fully take responsibility in ideas and you know what? I am human and I am not just a dancer [The Killers, album, Day and Age; track: Human ]. I usually learn from my mistakes, I can eat humble pie, what about you?

1 Comment

  1. Keep up the good ideas. Just because not everyone agrees with everything doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to some people.

    In any case, it often helps to engage in debates even with those with differing views, because that’s often how you can both move closer to a consesnsus.

    Good luck with today’s panel!

    Comment by Alex Blewitt — 10 March 2011 @ 8:18 am

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