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Vultures (172 Audioboo Rough Script)

31 January 2011 Comments off

3 minutes


Of Vultures and other carrion eating creatures. Poor old software engineer please note, that actually we can be, at any one time, the prey who are hunted. We are the ones in certain situations that have no actual control. We are politically naive. We are rudderless. We are unaware and we are like children mostly in a deep illusion that everything we do daily is working fine.

Then one day we wake up and find that the sands of play have been washed away. One day we were making castles in the sand, we went to sleep, and suddenly we found the crashing salt brine of deep waters. The power of the seas washed over heads and slashed the wintery cold salt juices into our eyes. The streaming tears of a software engineer’s souls could no longer be heard over the noise of the waves. Crystal deformations project through space, time and audio: we are in the winds of change.

Yet you note that the waves are coming in never ending surge and withdraw; their is no respite from this; and the faint silhouettes of people on the shore line, which you can see standing cliffs are quite distant. No one can save you now. Nothing to save you. This is the sound of failure, your own pitiful failure to understand the coming storm. You see when had the chance to innovate, to go to that training program or to consider that the foreign conference. You said no. Unfortunately it is now suddenly too late to make a stand. Oh of course sat down with the man, making his tea, running his nine to five scheme, and you got some doe from it. Oh but the man he was like an investment banker, he ran off with your billions. His return on investment was better than yours. You were just part of the chain gang. Look at yourself now, all wet in black and white stripes. My goodness son, you still have iron clads encasing your ankle and wrist. Do you have no shame?

And then there were his mates, the middle folk who peddle your skills in between those men who smoke big cigars and drink the stiff drinks. The ones stand in the ornate offices, whilst you as squaddie in the soldier’s uniform, do the donkey work. Why don’t load your rifle now sonny Jim? You can’t because it is all wet and the bunch of matches in your pocket will never catch alight. Your CV reads Java or C# with years of experience, but the trade was lame. You never stood up for your software pride. You never took control. You never recognise the power of community and the belief that others like yourself can be strong together.

Over there now. You see that carrion creature now. It seems to have a fix on you. Your body bobbing and weaving in the tide. It seems to know that you know it knows your fate. It now whoops and swoops down. Let the vulture come down and eat your very software soul, pick out both of your eyes now.

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