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Scala: Reversing A Singularly Linked List

15 December 2010 Comments off

2 minutes


Hello Everyone

Here is a Scala application example that demonstrate how to reverse a singularly linked list.

/* Written by Peter Pilgrim 10th December 2010 */

import scala.collection.mutable.StringBuilder
import java.lang.System

abstract class LinkedList { }

case object EmptyLinked extends LinkedList

case class LinkedNode( var value: Int, var next:LinkedList ) extends LinkedList

 * Example Scala program that demonstrates an algorithm to reverse a singularly linked list of elements.

object NodeApp {

  def traverse( node: LinkedList ): String = {
    def _traverse( node: LinkedList, buf: StringBuilder ): Unit = {
      node match {
        case b: LinkedNode => {
            buf.append( "%d, ".format( b.value ))
            _traverse(, buf )
        case _ =>

    val buf = new StringBuilder("[");
    _traverse( node, buf );

  def reverse( current: LinkedList ): LinkedList = {
    def _reverse( current: LinkedList, parent: LinkedList ): LinkedList = {
      println("::>> current="+current+", parent="+parent)
      current match {
        case b: LinkedNode => {
           val revHead = _reverse(, current )
           printf( "<<:: b.value=%d,, 
                  current=0x%-8X, parent=0x%-8X\n",
                  System.identityHashCode(parent) )
  = parent
        case _ => parent
    _reverse( current, null)

  def main( args: Array[String]) {

    val s = LinkedNode( 1, 
               LinkedNode( 2, 
                  LinkedNode( 4, EmptyLinked ))))
    val t = reverse(s)



The example program above demonstrates the following salient points:

  • Scala’s syntax for use of case instance classes that reduce the boiler plate and add syntax sugar to ordinary object classes. (LinkedNode)
  • One can declare case object class (EmptyNode)
  • Case classes can extend other classes or traits or other case classes
  • Scala’s ability to nest a function declaration inside another function declaration
  • a recursive traversal algorithm to traverse a singularly linked node data structure
  • a recursive algorithm to reverse the sequence of elements in the singularly linked node data structure

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