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JRoller: You Failed Me For The Last Time

10 October 2010 Comments off

3 minutes


Watching England in the World Cup 2010 versus Slovenia at Broadgate Circus

Watching England in the World Cup 2010 at Broadgate Circus


The line “You have failed me for the last time” comes from the 1980 blockbuster movie, Star Wars Episode V, Empire Strikes Back, directed Irwin Kershner and witten by George Lucas.

Usually, Darth Vader, should have looked in the mirror and found the truth about being a badass, a tactless merciless inhuman leader. Vader if he could see the truth, would have seen his own failure in the looking glass.

In the sub plot of the these genre of movies, the bad-ass leader, meglomaniac boss of the underworld or head of the enemy state in politics, executes a subordinate or removed him with the premise: if you fail, you die. Of course there is a fallacy in the organisation of the state. Why does no one take the premise to the natural conclusion? Why is the leader amune from the rule of the state?

Failure has to be recognised. If something is no longer doing it for you then you either observe it or feel it. The next step is to act on it. Whether it is your failure or somebody else fault, really is neither here nor there. What does matter is whatever you do next? If you do nothing at all then provaricate then you are just as bad. Executing a subordinate, I should point out here, is not my will. However fixing the unsettling feeling is.

So I will laud JRoller the website and the service it has done for me, including my personal world wide development blog.

  • JRoller was the first site I saw almagated well known professional Java bloggers together back in the noughties, including the Bile Blog.
  • It was a long time coming and many changes to the Java ecosystems during the noughties were first announced by the bloggers on the JRoller
  • I used the JRoller to house the Java Web User Group web entries for its entire existance 2004 to 2010
  • Being part of the JRoller brand really help to restore and an improve my emotional confidence in writing software. It increased my professional brand and reputation way beyond any business or corporation
  • I personally blogged about many JavaOne, Devoxx and other Java conferences. I met loads of folk afterwards who thanked me for my blog site and keeping them up to date with news. (Thank you if was my pleasure)

Thank you JRoller. It is now time to move on up.

  • With my own web blog I can deliver a personal brand and further enhance my professional reputation
  • It demonstrates innovation and also the fact that things do not stand still
  • I looking for better support with Google Docs and WordPress. It will be easier to write posts
  • I have my own web server and therefore can control delivery; and I can also capture statistic on the weblog and analytics.

It is great to be solo again. Here is My Brand New Personal Worldwide Blog.

This is Peter Pilgrim. Out

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