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JavaOne 2010 Part 6: Shout-Outs SlideShow

26 September 2010 Comments off

2 minutes


JavaOne 2010 Part 6: Shout-Outs and SlideShow

JavaOne 2010 was great for meeting past acquaintances and starting new networking opportunities.
Here is my definition of networking is the art of building an optimal graph of communication channels around yourself that enables you and your participants to achieve goals, solve issues, enhance passion, be inspired; and provide help and advice to the others.

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Dear All


In particular order, here we go to massive networking list!

Cyprien Noel, Founder, Argilsoft LLC
Fabio Luiz Vellso da Silva, Telefonica do Brazil
Gail C. Anderson
, Director of Research, Anderson Software Group, Inc
Paul L. Anderson, President, Anderson Software Group, Inc
Aaron Oki Moore, Director Design Engineer, Revolution Robotics
Georges Saab, JRockit & Java SE Product Team Manager, Oracle
Andres Almiray, Senior Software Engineer, Canoo Engineering AG
Dierk Koenig, Canoo Fellow, Canoo Engineering AG
Steven Gertiser
, Principal, Ancora LLC
Ajay Patel, Java Evangelist Vice President, Oracle
Haim Yadid
, Founder Performance Part, Performize It
Stephen Chin, JavaFX Dev, Inovis
Jean François Bonbhel, DMR
Mohammed Afshar, Vice President Fusion Middleware, Oracle
Henrik Staehl, Sr. Director Java Platform Group, Oracle
Nicolas Lorain, JavaFX Platform & Partner Program, Oracle
Jim Weaver
, JavaFX Dev & Advocate,
Alex Ruiz, FEST, Oracle
Yvonne Price, FEST, Guidewire
Alexandra Huff, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Florian Tournier, Product Line Manager Java ME, Oracle
Francis R. Upton IV, President, Oakland Software
Kevin Nilsson, Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group
Van Riper, JUG Leader, Silicon Valley Java Users Group
Harpreet Singh, Senior Product Manager GlassFish Grid, Oracle
Jai Suri, Principal Product Manager Java Platform, Oracle
Terrence Barr, Java ME and Embedded Systems, Oracle
Jonathan Giles, JavaFX Dev Team, Oracle
Amy Fowler
, JavaFX Dev Team, Oracle
Richard Bair, JavaFX Dev Team, Oracle
Jasper Potts, JavaFX Dev Team, Oracle
Clara Ko, Duchess Ladies in Java,
Adam M. Messinger, Vice President Fusion Middleware, Oracle
Paulo Mota, Product Manager, Oracle Brazil
Luc Boudreau, Senior Software Engineer, Pentaho
Bill Venners, Scala JVM, Artima
Kirk Pepperdine, Java Performance Expert, Kodewerk
Jim Clarke, Java Platform, Oracle
Dean Iverson, JavaFX Dev, Pleasing Software
Victoria Lira, Liaison, Oracle

(Not here? Next time gimme your business card :-D)


This is Peter Pilgrim, who in San Francisco for the JavaOne 2010 conference. Out


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