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Calling Out For A London JVM Languages Camp

07 August 2009 Comments off

3 minutes


Calling Out For A London JVM Languages Camp

Hi All

Recognising the diversification of the Java platform in recent years,
I am looking to create a unique community event in London.
I am Peter Pilgrim, founder and current organiser of the
London’s best known independent Java community, established
in May 2004! I am also a Java Champion.

So I would like to generate interest for a London JVM Languagues Camp
(or maybe that should be workshop) for the following reasons:

  • Growth: Strong growth in credible languages such as Scala, Groovy, JavaFX, JRuby, Clojure, Fan:
    Developers and designers are interested in languages on the JVM other than Java.
  • Innovation: Developers and designers are clamouring for innovation and waiting
    for the next thing to happen. What we all need is pro-active participation.
  • Reach: We are stronger together when we act on an action together
  • Learning: A software developer career has one guaranteed requirement.
    You must be able to learn. You must have an aptitude for continuous learning.
  • Experience: My own experience at the
    JavaPosse Roundup 2009 in Crested Butte and

    led to my belief that developers and designer really have to D.I.Y (Do It Yourself).
    In other words, saliently said: Don’t wait for the monkey [company] to feed you.
    Feed your own brain first!
  • Freedom: I have a free weekend in October 10-12th to order to stage, host and/or collaborate
  • Ire: How come the
    Silicon Valley Group
    can organise an event for their region of the world?
    And our beloved London with a population of 7 millions people, can’t do ++++?

You can also find my announcement as an

AudioBoo: Would Like To Arrange The London JVM Languages Code Camp

NB: The reason I have not advertised this under the JAVAWUG brand is because JVM Languages
means an organisation other than Java. Also it respects other communities that already
exist in parallel with the Java groups

So my idea is to have a camp weekend style with these requirements:

  • Saturday (full day) and Sunday (shorter day)
  • Friday night before the camp weekend, optionally, be a set up and introduction
  • Strict rules: Everyone must be ready to go with software, laptop before they can participate the camp day
    begins. This is so we do not waste time installing software during the event.
  • Multiple tracks: JavaFX, Ruby, Groovy, Scala, etc
  • Make it open space in principle, allow folks to self organise.

If you are anyway interested in helping make this idea a reality, please contact me,
now, with subject “LONDON JVM CC” or simply “LJVMCC” at my electronic
mail address of peter dot pilgrim at gmail dot com or tweet me as (peter_pilgrim).  Action Deadline: 18th August 2009.

Thanks. I’m out.

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