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JavaOne 2015 in Pictures (Part 1)

06 November 2015 Comments off

3 minutes


This is the photo visitation of my blog around the JavaOne 2015 conference, which is the twentieth edition.


Java Leader’s breakfast exhibition in Sunady morning.


San Francisco, late autumn whatever your style.


Java Keynote at the Moscone Center


On User Group Sunday, Bruno Souza grabbed Java leaders, champions, including myself to be part of an impromptu panel answering questions about Java eco-system


Effective enthusiasm


The very talented Mr. Ed Burns of the Null Pointers band, JavaServer Faces specification lead, picking on the Ukelele. In the background, there is Zoran


Joe Darcy is talking about JDK 9 Modularity Tools


Linda De Michel tells the audience about Java EE 8 umbrella specification


Josh Long of Pivotal software and I. We were at the post JavaOne gathering at the TomiTribe residence.


A Nighthacking.com interview Mohammed Taman (R) by Heather Vancura (L)


A Nighthacking.com interview for the Null Pointers band members. To my right with Freddy Guime, founding band member and leaders and furthest right is Cesar Hernandez


Ignite sessions with Kevin Nilsson (centre), Stephen Chin (L) and Keith Combs (R)


Cityscape 46 in the Hilton Tower at night for the annual JCP party


Andy Gumbrecht of Tomitribe conducts his Ignite talk


Patrick Curran cuts the 20th year Birthday cake at the JCP party


Null pointers band – Nighthacking.com interview I: (L) Me, (C) Freddy Guime, and (R) Cesar


Null pointers band – Nighthacking.com interview II


A nice NAO robot in the exhibition hall, Oracle Demogrounds


The MVC 1.0 conference technical session with (R) Ivar Grimstad and (L) Santiago Pericasgeertsen


Hanging out with the Tomitribe crew. To my right is Amelia Eiras, above us is Roberto Cortes


Netbeans Dream Team member on user group Sunday


I took at selfie with Tori Wiedlt, formerly of Oracle and now with New Relic


Frank Greco, fellow Java Champion, New York Java User Group, the amazing lead guitarist of the Null Pointers. Power solo



Nullpointer’s Hirosh Ito sings Green Day’s Basket Case and plays the bass guitar


Mattias Karlson drums on the set


Ed burns on the keyboards


Help me! I think this lady is called Tamao Nakahara (?) and her Ignite presentation was called “Women inside IT: Coding with Grace”


Grace refers to the Admiral Grace Hopper, one of the first modern computer programmers who coined the term, “debugging”.


Sir Elton John, a very real and genuine rock star legend at the Oracle Appreciation Event


Same again, bartender!


Peter Lawrey, expert in very high performance Java computing, getting down at the JCP party and the Nullpointers


See part 2

PS: There was no post JavaOne California driving tour, this year. I stayed just for a week in San Francisco.



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