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JavaOne 2011 Progressive JavaFX 2.0

03 October 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Good Morning from California

I am presenting at JavaOne 2011 this year. The first of three talks on my trip to California this year. Today, I will give a talk today on Progressive JavaFX 2.0 in , which is expected to be released very soon.


JavaOne 2011

"Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn" – Say it loud! Say it proud! You better believe it


Session ID: 24085

Session Title: Progressive JavaFX 2.0 Custom Components

Venue / Room: Hotel Nikko – Nikko Ballroom II/III

Date and Time: 10/3/11, 17:30 – 18:30


Make sure you reach, because JavaFX 2.0 is the one successful story of the year, very personal and to my heart. Whereas Scala adoption rate has been a tremendous disappointment, especially in London, and the United Kingdom, in terms of businesses taking the necessary steps to embrace it. On the other hand, I really do believe that Java now has a fantastically brilliant framework for a graphics, media, and audio. It is called JavaFX 2.0, written in Java. Swing will no longer be innovated on from the community at large. If you considering new software development using Swing, may I make a bold attempt to dissuade you from this route, instead look at the competition and the user experience, usability ideas since 2007, on mobile devices, tablets and even desktop web. From the solid pizza base, of JavaFX 2.0, we can start to build world class components and user interfaces for the 21st century. We will ascend to new heights and exceed the boundaries of Swing and AWT UI/UX. Finally, we are on the verge of being very creative, very selective, and incredible. With JavaFX 2.0 we now have something big, exciting and meaningful, right around the corner.


JavaOne 2011

Moi standing next to a large exhibit where Larry has spent some of his company’s billions of dollars 😉

In the mean time, I am heading right now to the 37760 JavaOne Technical Keynote the second of the conference. 

Let me know your feedback on twitter: peter_pilgrim or Google+. Stay tuned.

PS: My California talk schedule is thus:

[1] JavaOne 2011 on 3rd October, Progressive JavaFX
[2] Silicon Valley Code Camp, 8th October
[3] Silicon Valley JavaFX, 13th October
[4] Devoxx 2011, JavaFX University Session

PS PS: My JavaOne 2011 Flickr Stream


JavaOne 2011

Bruno Souza (L), president of the Brazilian SOUJava JUG and Patrick Curran (R), Chairperson of the Java Community Process


JavaOne 2011

From L to R, Stephen Chin, JavaFX Guru; Tori Weildt, Oracle; Sven Reimers, NetBeans Dream Team


PS PS: My JavaOne 2011 Flickr Stream

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