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Gotech World 2019 – Cloud Native Java – Are we there yet?

03 October 2019 Comments off

3 minutes


Today, I gave a presentation to Go Tech World 2019 conference on Cloud Native Java – are we there yet? .
In July, I received the personal invitation to speak in Bucherest, Romania from the organisers.
I thought about for a bit and then accepted the great chance to talk in the Eastern frontier of Europe.

The exhibition space and conference was large featuring several different technology stages including Java, DevOps, Marketing, Digital, Operations and Security.
In the Java Stage area, where I actually spoke, there were seats for up 80 people and the organisers told me that capacity limit was up to 150 people to both sit and stand.
My presentation was well attended at 2:30pm straight after lunch, usually that can be slow period.
I think I held the audience’s attention for entire talk.
The track host Victor Horescu introduced me on to the stage.
I timed myself on 1 hour 11 minutes.
During the talk, I did take three opportunities to invite one or two questions from the audience.
I left plenty of time for questions at the end.
At the end my presentation, several participant asked me questions

  • What is the best way get an organisation to consider Kubernetes as a cloud platform?
  • What is the best to build M/SOA so that it is generally available?
    Should I go with RESTful (synchronous) communications or should I go with Messaging (asynchronous)?
  • What will happen if I migrate my existing cloud-native application from IBM Pivotal Cloud Foundry to the open source Cloud Foundry?
  • What do you think will happen to Jakarta EE or Java EE now that Oracle no longer controls its destiny?
  • How do I test my microservices? My company is thinking of migrating from monolithic servers, what is your best advice?

I also received gratitude to taking some members of the audience down the trip of memory lane: Java’s birth, headaches of development enterprise applications that where deployed to Weblogic and Websphere and terrible XML coding we had to use on Spring Framework development when Java annotations were not readable available.
Several people loved the fact that I mentioned CONWAYS LAW and the THREE WAYS.

Slide deck

Here are the slides:



This is link to Google Slides presentation (Read-only view) or






The Master Mix



My Speaker’s Badge



Gotech World 2019 Venue plan and map



At the speaker dinner later that night, you can sitting opposite me is Elders Moraes (Oracle Developer Relations from Brazil), sitting to left of me is Kevin (Dev Sec Ops partner consultant of ) and to his right, hiding, is his boss!



I’m standing outside the venue



The calm before the storm part 1



This was the speakers hotel – The Domenii



The Rom Expo building, the actual venue was across the road from this ominous looking building



Oh my goodness, it was hot in Bucherest today!



The calm before the storm part 2



Victor was the host for the Java stage and gave me a splendid introduction – Thank you fella!



The schedule at the entry to the Java stage


Finally, I would like to thank to the organisers: Alexandra Danciu, Alexandra Radu, Catalina Dobre and Matei Radu from Universum Romania.


I’d a great presenting in Romania. Maybe I will see you again.
Good luck and happy cloud-native software development and architecture.
That’s all folks!



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