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Digital Java EE 7 Training Series 1 Episode 1

19 October 2016 3 comments

1 minute


This episode is all about the marketing term Digital and what it means to the developers, designers and architect.
In this talk, I provide the most clearest overview of Digital that I ever done. With this background, you will then appreciate
how the industry is embracing Digital, including how businesses are transformation their processes, which mostly have been
traditional and paper-based into modern infrastructure and web architecture. After this session, you will understand why Java EE
and Java technology is a lesser part of this global ambition and also observe how it is vital to bluechip, financial services and
the government public sector.

There is a non-technical talk and therefore it is fairly accessible to business management, SCRUM masters and project managers.
In the following second, I do talk on technical stuff.


Digital Java EE 7 Training Series 1 Episode 1 from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.





Feedback is always welcomed with comments or directly to me on @peter_pilgrim.



NB: This video was recorded early in August 2016. In other words, it was edited and produced before the JavaOne 2016 conference and hence predates Oracle Java EE 8 announcements about revamping the aim of the Java Specification Request.



  1. I read the 2 books and, I’m eagerly waiting for more videos of the serie.
    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Lars Lemos — 21 October 2016 @ 9:07 am

  2. Thank you Lars for your generous feedback.

    What content would you like to see? What stuff should be improved?

    Comment by Peter Pilgrim — 21 October 2016 @ 10:24 am

  3. Your are welcome.
    I like your speech speed and clarity of terms.
    In terms of content, I think that all of Ur 2 books covers all of necessary for a JavaEE developer to start and improve and get up to speed with the nowadays enterprise needs.
    Apart from other books I read, yours is the only one that includes the the main JEE7 frameworks and future specifications(MVC 1) and integration with Angular, taking into consideration that most of Java Devs are really not familiar with JS frameworks, and most of them want to satisfy the needs of Web interfaces.
    Your videos could focus on providing the updates that are now available with AngularJS integration with Java EE and taking your experience in consideration, that could be used sort of “Clean code” guideline for us devs that are eager to implement all the “shine” features of JS into our already JavaEE apps, because every dev ready it’s reference and we end up with a project without a clear coding approach pattern/guideline.
    By the way me and my team are waiting for more of your videos, and in future I’m planning to provide a session on our JUG based on your book.

    Comment by Lars Lemos — 04 November 2016 @ 7:50 am

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