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JavaOne 2015 Rapid accelerated thoughts so far

27 October 2015 Comments off

4 minutes


I thought that I would put out some of my JavaOne 2015 journalistic blogging thoughts.

  1. The push to MODULES is in ernest. Mark Reinhold is asking for help to test the JDK 9 early releases. He want to ensure that Project Jigsaw is “done right” without breaking the guarantees of the Java platform: (developer) usability, (developer) productivity, universality, extensibility and (backwards) compatibility.  Seriously, if you are stuck with JDK 6, then what you are doing? You need to know ISOLATE and add the ANTI-CORRUPTION-LAYER to that module or set of components. Trust me! In 2016, JDK 9 module will be a game-changer. Think about this. It is far easier to replace and upgrade a module than change a platform. So if you system is not even running Java SE 8, then over time it is going become expensive to maintain the existing system. The cost of buying a Oracle’s support for JDK 6 business release will probably mount up and over time, year and year, you will face RECRUITMENT, RETENTION and INNOVATION challenges.
  2. MODULES are exciting for many engineers, designers and architects, because they will enforce LOOSE COUPLING and HIGH COHESION in the JVM not just in the Java language. MODULE will, therefore, work across alternative JVM languages, including Scala and Groovy. Future applications will know form the module system, if there is any class, package or mixed-in interface missing , it will know if there is a conflict in the module path, and module writers will be to able fearlessly change their internal implementations of their modules.
  3. I believe that MODULES will bundled together AGGREGATES that define a BOUNDED-CONTEXT. If these  AGGREGATES are aimed to the server side, then it will be naturally to compose them together into MICRO-SERVICES.
  4. Of course, for rich clients, AGGREGATES with JDK 9 modules can replace the hubbub of systems that run with Swing. Although I would upgrade to JavaFX, and think getting a dependency injection container into mix also e.g. Weld SE
  5. I went to see Arun Gupta’s micro-services talk on Java EE. Some of his talk covered the same area and the progress made by NetFlix and their OSS. I saw a lot developers who are interested in this session, but as Arun cautioned with gracious wisdom about Conway’s law. If you don’t have buy-in from the executives in the business then your efforts to move-everything-to-micro-services dream is already blown. (Read some other books like De-Marco Peopleware and also anything from Gerald Weinberg Leadership and Consulting.) My own feeling here, is to transform MONOLITH to a COMPONENTISED APPLICATION (Java SE 8) and then when you are ready to take the transformation step to MODULARISED APPLICATION.
  6. I bumped into a ACCU chum Seb Rose, who is a Scottish Agilist. Seb was talking a Cucumber JVM and Behavioural-Driven Design at JavaOne in a morning tutorial. Seb anb I found out that we were flying on the same jet plane from London. We had a good roaring laugh about Adobe CQ5 over a beer.
  7. Monday, I spent almost all of the time in Parc 55, because the Java EE session are co-located in that hotel. I only went to main Hilton hotel  for Mike Duigou’s “What I learnt by reading James Gosling’s code”. It was great talk about a Scott Nealy’s genius developer and the way James codes software. Yes he using Apache Maven. He writes his libraries. He is very concise, logic and there is some real visionary ideas like writing a Hibernate adaptor that read and wrote to the file system. What? Well he needed a database schema change, then James broke out SED and AWK and effectively changed the text files. None of this ALTER TABLE … rubbish. And I asked Mike if James curses in his code. Yes he does. We are all human.
  8. It was great to see some of the Ex-Oracle evangelists doing so amazing well. People like Mark Heckler, Tori Wieldt, etc.
  9. I received an official apology from Packt Pub about Digital Java EE 7  books. I’m cool with it. We might be able to do something, but I need to speak to Heather Vancura, first.
  10. I also went to the DeltaSpike CDI session and there are a couple modules in there and are worth re-investigation Test Controller, Exception Handler, Query Data and Controller.
  11. Last night, I performed with as part of the Null Pointers at the JCP Party event at the top of the Hilton Tower in the Cityscape restaurant. Alison, Susan and Horishi were terrific.  I had only two songs to do. Props to Freddy, Frank, Cesar, Mattias, Ed and Zoran. We rocked the JCP Party! Alright! Thanks to JCP party and JFrog for hosting the band, and to the founding band member for the invitation. Cheers!
  12. My blog is embarrassingly for a digital web site. It suffers from Cobbler’s Wains. Must do better in 2016.


Have a fantastic JavaOne Tuesday.


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