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16 March 2013 Comments off

3 minutes


If you still are want to attend Devoxx UK. You can still do; SPUK13 is the discount code, but not for long. I believe this is a terrific opportunity for you to see the Devoxx brand right on our doorsteps in full operation. The French side of the franchise has already sold out. I also believe it would be a pity and if the UK side failed to do so, because management failed to let an employee go, further their own progress or just banned attending  any conference. If you are unfortunate to be the employee in this position, here a PRO-TIP: Buy this book today, Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson and read it from top to toe as soon as possible. It will set you on the right path to progress, because everyone hates change, isn’t that true [ I am being sarcastic, but I truly want you to be free], I digress.

I think the best advice, which I can give to you, personally is the Devoxx conference is cheap compared to many others, because Stephan Janssen gets the sponsors to back the cost of organising, setting up and running these event. The annual Belgian conference is, probably, the second most important Java conference in the world. There are even those, some other Java Champions, who say that it is really now in position one, since 2010, and because JavaOne is no longer held in the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

There is finally no need to pack a passport, you do not have to fly to another country. There is no packing of travel luggage, you can just pack a laptop in a rucksack. There is no need to kiss the spouse goodbye, because you will back in the evening to see her/him after a long day. It’s be just like going live with a application release, taking risky development system into the production, except that you will enjoy the experience and have fun and most important of all; you will meet other like-minded people. That’s has to be better.

Even if you attend only one day, take a day out of your annual holiday allocation, it will be worth it. (If you are really naughty, paraphrasing the Brit Rock band, Oasis; Some Might Say, “one could throw a sicky on that day” and therefore save the allocation day). Besides attending a learning experience is much better fun than working than the gravy train (or the workaholicism of 8am to 8pm working in some non-Agile based  investment banks). Heaven forbid that a conference, actually, might open the eyes of developers and designers to see what else could be out there beyond just technology; and break out of the path of getting a heart attack, stroke or unhealthy long term experience.

Devoxx UK 2013 Badge

I have rambled on enough. Workers unite. Do yourself a favour. Go, do it!


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