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From Large to Small

15 January 2012 Comments off

2 minutes



About seven weeks ago now [Editor: 15 January 2012], I walked into to the office of IB Boost Limited. I surprised myself at the end of my journey. It was a new challenge and I was looking forward to it. When I left Lloyds Banking Group twelve months earlier or so, I knew that was on a new path. The problems with a large banks are that you are at the mercy of so-called top grade senior managers who make the wrong decisions about technology. I knew that Lloyds really messed up a chance to become the best in British banking when they merged with HBOS. After my departure from Lloyds, I just did not know how long it would take to find the new road to glory.

Editor Update for 2012

I am no longer work for IB Boost UK. I left in the company September 2012, without a target job or contract, in order to find the next big thing , whatever that may be #javaee7, #javafx, #scala]

Additionally, when I was working at IBBoost eventually felt that I originally supposition was wrong. I was wrong about small-giant attribute as described by the Bo Burlingham’s book, which I have read. Maybe one day, a consultancy will become something like it, especially in the UK.

I am happy to join to IB Boost Limited, which is a financial services consultancy. I accepted their offer first because they are a company still working inside investment banking in London. Second, they have a great view of modern Java technology. They work with open source components mostly and free software. Thirdly, they develop products with up-to-date Java technology, Spring Framework, Eclipse RAP, OSGi and Spring Integration. Fourth, they are completely Maven-ised and use Jenkins continuous integration and fifth, they are open to new ideas. I could go on but there are no corporate nonsense rule, you are free to Skype call, or check on a twitter account if you feel the need. The essential point is the work gets done and is of high professional quality.

Our small-giant size company, IB Boost Limited was founded by two very successful Murex consultants Nik Goodley and Philippe Rioland in 2009. They created a product called Octane Integration that interfaces between proprietary vendor platforms and internal bank systems.

I am a senior software development lead working primarily in the London office on technical aspects of particular client integration projects with IB Boost products.

[Editor note 2012: I have since read fully Bo Burlingham’s book, Small Giants, Publ: Penguin, 2005. Where are the real proper Small Giants in the UK, especially in London?]

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