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Scala Adoption: Learn A New Language People!

01 June 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Yay! The Scala Adoption (Episode 353) session from JavaPosse Round Up 2011 has been released. You can listen to the JavaPosse podcast episodes online at The Lounge or try this German website directly

The session was proposed by Diane Marsh and myself.  There is not much more I can say to add to the session on Scala adoption except for that in I can report in London in recent days. I hear of some of investment banks are showing a passing interest in the language. Utlimately they want a better solution to concurrency and  Unfortunately, this progress is far little and too late for me in my current situation. It would appear that in many institutions the guerrilla style, that of grass roots evolution or revolution, which many Groovy developer successfully chose to get Groovy adopted several years ago, is not happening the same way with Scala. The decision makers and management are yet to be convinced that Scala is the next programming language forward to take the Java platform. It may be that I, admittedly, am not moving in the right cliqué or that this esoteric information is not flowing outside the institutions themselves.

Regardless of whether banking will or will not adopt Scala is irrelevant. It is frankly true that some form of functional literate programming is going to come down the wire and in the very near future. It is not a question of “if” but of “when”. As Diane Marsh eloquently expressed her frustration at the very beginning of the session in Crested Butte, Colorado

Java is an old language. It’s been changed over the years, but seriously this has been really long time for a language to be dominant and kind of tongue and cheek. I will say like to say, “Man Up! Learn a new language people!” It is not that hard to learn a new language and we all should be doing it anyway. It’s good for our brains to actually think in different ways. It doesn’t have be just like Java, and there are reasons why it shouldn’t be.  If it were to be Java, we should just stick with Java. I’am kind of exhausted about the argument that it is just too difficult.”


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