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My Corporate Values

15 December 2010 Comments off

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I, hereby, declare that these statements below are, now, my own personal “corporate” values:

  • In any new organisation that I work with or be involved with, I will work inside a team of people that heavily influence the engineering, the broad scope and design quality of the products.
  • Any new organisation,which could quite be possibly in the financial services sector, must be able to demonstrate proactive changes to technology change including tangible innovation, that is not only invested in Java, the technology, the platform and language, but is also looking to move Beyond Java as a programming language.
  • As a certified SCRUM master (circa May 2010) the only organisations that I will even consider, from now, are those which are working with a well known Agile methodology (such as Iterative Driven Development, SCRUM, Lean/Kanban,etc) or moving towards it in the extreme short-term.
  • I realise that we are all in an era where people skills are of paramount importance. To that end, I want to improve my business domain knowledge. Being part of a solid development team, I would like to listen and learn too; and be educated by other talented team members.
  • In any new organisation that I might consider, now or in the not too distant future, they shall be moving to or actually already practising sustainable software architecture.

Peter Pilgrim

Wednesday 15th December 2010

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