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XenonDataGrid M4.0, Nelson Framework *WIP*

24 November 2009 Comments off

3 minutes


XenonDataGrid M4.0, Nelson Framework *WIP*

Hi All

I am very happy make the release Milestone 4.0 release of the Nelson Core JavaFX Framework and the Xenon Data Grid Component. You can find the download nelson-core-1.0-M4.jar on Xenonique. I have already uploaded the PDF slides to my talk on XenonDataGrid at Devoxx 2009.

The Devoxx Master Launcher (JNLP)

Release Notes

These are release notes for Nelson Core JavaFX framework.

Milestone 4

The “XenonDataGrid” data grid UI component is the fundamental and paramount change in this release.

The Key Changes

Support for more FX Types instead of Strin now includes Boolean, Character, Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float and Double.

“DynamicGridCellRenderer” is a new renderer with a “Painter” architecture to support different FXType.

“BooleanGridCellPainter” is a painter for rendering Boolean cells.

“BooleanEditorCellPainter” is a editor component to changing Boolean cells.

“DecimalGridCellPainter” is a painter for rendering decimal types, namely Floats and Doubles.

“IntegralGridCellPainter” is a painter dedicated for rendering integer types, namely Byte, Short, Integer and Long

“TextGridCellPainter” is a renderer for rendering String as before.

“RegisterEditorTableModelVariant” – a mixin for table model to support editor renderor associated an FXType.

“LifecycleManager” is a store for managing dynamic painters, associated with DynamicGridCellRenderer

A new plug-in keyboard selection strategy. The default one is called “DefaultNavigationStrategy”

A new package “com.xenonsoft.nelson.scene.layout.grid.conversion’

A new plug-in type conversion strategy. The default one is called “StringConverter”


    XDG has scroll wheel support
    XDG has plug-in keyboard navigation *FIXED*

    Users need to be able to display application data in many types in JavaFX.
    Consequently, the XDG needs data adaptors, and renderers for types other java.lang.String. *INCOMPLETE*
    So this M4 release features an BooleanGridCellPainter, IntegralGridCellPainter, DecimalGridCellPainter etc

    Introduce Keyboard Navigation Strategy in XDG *FIXED*

    Redesign and refactor reordering layer API *FIXED*

    Improve JavaFXDoc to a higher level *FIXED*
    Graphic Niggles *INCOMPLETE*

    Reordering of Rows and Columns is broken *FIXED*
    Refactor by name XDG scroll properties *FIXED*

    DataGrid should allow the application developer to listen to important events *INCOMPLETE*
    M4 includes a “ScrollEvent” type.

    XDG needs skinnable subcomponents *OPEN*

    Dynamic creation of rendering. *FIXED*
    See “DynamicGridCellRenderer” and the new painter infrastructure

    Unify render layer and table model data structures? *CLOSED*
    Based on discussions at Devoxx 2009, where an audience participant asked about filtering of
    the data model, I feel this is the wrong approach. This issue is closed

Peter Pilgrim
Monday, 23 November 2009

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