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Nelson Framework M1.0+ Xenon Data Grid *WIP*

07 August 2009 Comments off

2 minutes


Nelson Framework M1.0+ Xenon Data Grid *WIP*

Hi All

Work in progress on Nelson Framework JavaFX Data Grid Component. Yours truly has ported the core framework from JavaFX 1.1 and 1.2. I chose to concentrate on that missing functionality in the component world, a UI Table with a pure scene graph. After a month of dogged part-time work, I reached Milestone 1.0+.

Click on the Screenshot to run the JNLP file.

You can also find this in an AudioBoo file.

This version of the XenonDataGrid is quite stable, but you should be aware the codebase is constantly changing. The XDG here is resizable, one can drag row cells up and down by selecting the row header cell (JTable did not do this!). Likewise the column cells can be dragged left or right.

Here are the salient points:

  • Milestone 1.0+ (unreleased) demonstrates the reordering of rows and columns.
  • Separation of the renderable layer model from the table model.
  • Association of table model to a render layer and vice versa
  • Layers contain renderable cells, which contain scene graph nodes
  • User have control of a table model.
  • Composition layers, layers can be contain other layers.
  • MasterLayer type that composed of a corner, row header, column header and normal cell layers
  • Introduce several mixin pure types
  • Abstract implementations of selection and layout algorithms (Fixed dimension and Proportional Layouts)

See my other AudioBoo: Five Recommendations for JavaFX Table UI Component.

TODO: Lots and lots

This is Peter Pilgrim. Out.

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