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NightHacking Tour with Stephen Chin

November 20th, 2012

On Monday 19th November 2012, in the evening, I interviewed for the final episode of the Nighthacking tour by Stephen Chin, who is an Oracle Evangelist for Java, Chairperson of the JavaOne Program committee, and also a Java Champion a.k.a @steveonjava.

We talked about ScalaFX the open source Domain Specific Language and Scala library framework for JavaFX 2.x. I showed off my version of the JavaOne 2011 demo in Scala. It is called VideoCubeDemo.scala. We actually started to fix a bug in the demo. We checked into version control a quick fix that helped and pushed that to Mercurial.

I also talked about my upcoming reference book for JavaEE 7, which will be published by Packt. I demonstrated some of the example Context Dependency & Injection code that will feature in the book. I showed off JBoss WeldDeltaSpike and Arquillian framework. We discussed some of the other upcoming features of Java EE7 like JAX RS and WebSockets; and also how CDI could be used outside the container in a JavaFX application.

Many thanks to SkillsMatter for hosting us, in particular Wendy Devolder and Nick Devolder; and extra special medal goes to Ami Partridge for being very helpful, staying late into the evening to help us get this live stream out to the public with wired ethernet cables, router boxes, WI-FI and tea.

Video streaming by Ustream

Hosted by Skills Matter, the company behind the Scala Exchange and Grails Exchange.

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