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Devoxx 2011 Interview with Oracle Tech Net

November 30th, 2011

Here is my interview with Tori Wieldt of Oracle Tech-Net OTN Java.net . It took place at 2PM on Wednesday 16th, November 2011 at Devoxx. Enjoy.

I talked about JavaFX 2.0 release, what developers can actually do with this new Java language API around the scene-graph, media and audio capabilities. In this interview, on my laptop, at around the second minute, I demonstrated the Video Fracture JavaFX application, which took the Java Life Rap Music Video available YouTube video from JavaOne 2011 and then animated multiple of MediaViews nodes. It was the same demo from the University session.

I also talked about the JavaFX current 3D capabilities ( really 2.5 two and half dimension graphics) and also the improvements that I wanted to see for full 3D. Namely, I pushed the JavaFX to be ported to mobile markets as well as the desktop MacOS and Linux. Oracle should really think about building runtime against the popular smartphone mobile platforms, Mac iOS and the Android. I said that I was also very happy about the open sourcing of JavaFX.

You find the entire series of Devoxx interviewees on the excellent e-Learning service Parleys, which includes Stephan Janssen and my University session fellow Stephen Chin. For those pining for information about getting JavaFX running on certain Apple devices, the Scott Kovatch interview is worth watching.

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