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The Java Posse Round Up 2011

March 3rd, 2011

The things I enjoyed about this year’s open space conference.

  • Just the enthusiasm and the luck of the draw about being there again.
  • It was heart warming and uplifting to be part of the action
  • Meeting this year’s new people
  • Getting reacquainted with the previous JPR11 attendees
  • Diane Marsh’s Scala Koans
  • Sitting on Bruce Eckel’s easy massaging chair again and meeting Bruce again
  • Making a video recording of the closing session
  • Having the time to make screen cast of JavaFX 2.0 EA
  • Kate Ice House
  • The  Progressive Dinner
  • Doing a Technical Leadership session
  • 4 half days snowboarding

The things I regret about JPR11

  • I did not meet and greet every single individual
  • Missing the Make It Fast technical session
  • Missing my own Future of Client Java session
  • Not getting the Saturday flight for an extra snowboarding Sunday
  • Not knowing if I can make it back next year, and not having that ideal Job / Position

Enjoy the Flickr Stream







So heart warming. Thank you all participants at the Java Posse Round Up 2011. Everyone was great there. My heart swells with pride. It was an unbelievable and unmissable.

PS: My Flickr Photostream is here 😉

PS PS: A Message from Bruce Eckel


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Also see here http://javaposse.com/ and  http://www.mindviewinc.com/Conferences/JavaPosseRoundup/

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