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My Interview with the Server Side

January 8th, 2014

Jason Lee Cameron McKenzie of  The Server Side .COM recently interviewed me late last year about my experiences of writing the Java EE 7 Developer Handbook. I gave some advice on to how to get into Java EE 7 as well as promote my book! I was quoted with “What would be nice is if we could use annotations to create our own administrative objects for JDBC, JMS, or even a managed task executor”. By this I meant that although Java EE 7 made significant progress to moving all of us closer to a future Java enterprise Platform-as-a-Service standard, obviously we all expect bigger progress in the next revision. I believe that Java EE 8 should have a standard way in application code to automatically inform the underlying application server (or cloud provider) container the resources that are required at deployment time. You can find the full interview here.

PS: On the subject of interviews in 2014, I got into a Linked-In conversation with a certain Peter Lawrey, of Vanilla Java blog; his popular site all about high frequency trading, low latency and Java performance fame. We discussed how he got started with his relatively brand new  consultancy business. We both agreed to turn my questions and Peter’s answers into an interview. I definitely recommend that you go read that if you are into core Java.


[It was Cameron McKenzie who interview me for The Server Side on Monday, 28th October 2013. Sorry about that Cameron, how could I have forgotten? My mind has been like a sieve.]

  • http://www.cameronmckenzie.com/ Cameron McKenzie

    Actually, it was *I* that did the interview. But Jason got the audio and did a couple of write ups. There were two articles in which you were featured, and likely a third to come.

  • http://xenonique.co.uk/blog/ Peter Pilgrim

    Cameron, thanks for the correction. Of course, *you* interviewed me over the Skype for The Server Side.