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Experimental Podcast Series 1 on SoundCloud

16 November 2017 Comments off

3 minutes


Hi All

Recently, I have been experimenting with podcasting again as an adjunct to blogging, which is most definitely all about written English word. Podcasting is audio and potentially has more reach than a normal blog and that is the reason I am pushing out again on this media channel type . In fact, I tried audio communication ago, several years ago, with a free hosting site called AudioBoo. I eventually I stopped with it, because I was frustrated with its limits (casting for a maximum of 5 minutes and then 10 minutes in length). I realised also that recording material on iPhone 4S was not brilliant in the street with road noise, traffic and background sound effects. However, it worked for the impromptu reviews that I grabbed various people at past JavaOne and Devoxx conferences. In any case, I moved on and AudioBoo did too. They lost a lot of money and relaunched as AudioBoom, it become a pay-to-cast only platform. C’est la vie!

Inspired experimental series

I listened to an episode from Paul Boag’s podcast about Content Marketing “How to give old content new life through podcasting!” and suddenly, I was inspired enough to delve into podcasting again. I especially took note of podcasting being very close to talking direct to the audience through their modern “Walkman device” and the individual could be driving to work in her car, riding a bike on the commute, on a very early morning jogging run out across a beautiful beach or even pumping iron late at night in a concrete jungle gym. So I chose to run an experiment with SoundCloud, despite their widely reported Summer financial problems and the news about their staff turnover. I thought that if I do not play around with this audio media channel, in which ever available contemporary guise, then I will never know the end-result and it will always be speculation of what could be achieved in my own head.

There are not of changes going on, at the time of writing including the rebranding of Java EE, microservices, disruption in the enterprise; fear and loathing in the political sphere that undoubtedly affects the digital community, vis-a-vis Trump, May, Macron, Merkel so on and so forth, concerns about the future of contracting in Great Britain, innovation in the diversity community, equality for all people, and all of these need a voice. I hope to serve the community as I once did as a JAVAWUG Leader through podcasting, blogging and content creation.

So here are three recorded episodes uploaded to Sound Cloud:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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So please enjoy the official PILGRIM ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE TECHNOLOGY podcast. I appreciate any feedback whatsoever. Be bold, let it roll.

Finally, this is my guest talk on Boagworld from the Series 18 Why Software Development Getting Harder and Harder?

November 2017


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