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Devoxx 2016 Part 2 – Gallery

18 November 2016 Comments off

1 minute


These are selection of photos from Devoxx trip:



Cassandra Clark of Oracle community outreach interviews Antonio Gonclaves on the OTN stand



I also was interviewed by Cassandra earlier in the day. Look out for my OTN interview soon.



Sven Reimers is a member of the Netbeans Dream Team



Representing the JDuchess group are Linda van Pal (L) and Regina ten Bruttengate (R)



Red Hat stand at Devoxx #1 with graffiti artist Unknown



Red Hat stand at Devoxx #2 with graffiti artist Unknown

The Java community is here for you at Biercentral!



Devoxx exhibition stand #3



David Blevins leads the Microprofile session



The Microprofile.io session is flow



A fast talking Cliff Click talks about JVM internals



David Delabassie discusses the aims of the transition, the current status of the Java EE 8 project.



Jordane Grenat talks about JavaScript and front-end coding around the ECMA standards.



Julien Dubois and Deepu K Sasidharan are getting productive with JHipster. This was a session that I dipped into. I still can claim not knowing much about JHipster unfortunately, however there is the Youtube channel if I ever feel the inclination.



The view from the Radisson Blu Astrid hotel on the sixth floor down to the main square. It was pretty frosty and cold in the morning. The day before it had been raining lightly. In front is the central train station and the diamond sector. You will find a MediaMarkt electronic nearby. To the top right is the street that leads to the Bier Central restaurant and the pizza restaurant (Remos?)



Paul Anderson (L) and sitting Gail Anderson (R) fly the flag for JavaFX on mobile and embedded devices.



This is Sebastian Blanc talking to an attendee after his talk.



This needs no words. Luci needs your donation and support. You can help us a fellow Java Champion at Daniel deOliveira.



The mighty talented Venkat Subramanian explains the virtues of Java 9 and modules



First Sunday night on arrival at the private flat near the market. From left to right: me, Jordane Gerat, Amelia Eiras, Heather Vancura, David Blevins and Stephan Knitelius.



Bumped into Kevlin Henney (L) from the ACCU decades ago and Andres Almiray (R) more recently from the Java Champions and the Hackergarten



It’s Sunday and I’m reasonably happy to be on my way to Devoxx Belgium



I am standing with the notable Dan Allen of the ASCIIDOC project formerly of Red Hat and Java EE technologies such as SEAM, JavaServer Faces, RESTeasy and CDI.



All for me and one for a few years.



Josh Long and I were photobombed by, you guessed it, Sebastian (Blanc).



The Kinepolis building. The main drag.



Hubert Sablonniere talks about CSS Flexbox



With some of the lads at Biercentral bar near Antwerp Central station on a Wednesday evening.



On the same Wednesday evening, Partrick Curran extols the virtues of an universal language at the Java Community BOF. Actually, Patrick is telling us about his world trips, and if you look closely he was somewhere in Africa in the distant past.



This Amelia’s entire magnum of vodka that she shared many with us in the next bar



From the very kindness of Amelia’s heart, we all had a shot or two! I believe the magnum costs about 175 Euros or so and was 40% proof



“Prost!”, “Salut!”, “Cheers!”, “Slanger!”



Congratulations to the entire Devoxx conference staff and volunteers. The removal of the fabricated letters was just one of the jobs they all to do on Friday.



Hopefully, I can make it back to Devoxx Belgium 2017, provided I can find adaptive forward thinking, sympathetic, sustainable and innovative contracting clients!




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