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JavaOne 2015 in Pictures (Part 2)

06 November 2015 Comments off

3 minutes


Shout outs

This year at JavaOne 2015, these are the shout-outs, in no particular order:

  1. Victor Leonel Orozco
  2. Kota Fujita
  3. Pratik Patel
  4. Alexis Lopez
  5. Jorge Vargas
  6. Naoko Hamamoto
  7. Harold Ogle
  8. Heather Vancura
  9. Sooyol Yang
  10. Ivar Grimstad
  11. Shlomi Ben Haim
  12. Werner Keil
  13. Ixchel Ruiz and Andres Almiray
  14. Fred Simon
  15. Csaba Toth
  16. Jenny Heckler
  17. Mark Heckler
  18. Oscar Sierra
  19. Amelie Eiras
  20. David Blewins
  21. Joel Neely
  22. Susan Duncan
  23. Alison Murdock
  24. Cesar Hernandez
  25. Zoran Sevarac
  26. Ed Burns
  27. Mattias Karlsson
  28. Hirosh Ito
  29. Frank Greco
  30. Freddy Guime
  31. Wolf Helzle
  32. Bruno Souza
  33. Yara Senger and Vinicius Senger
  34. Kevin Nilson and Andy Nilson
  35. Gail and Paul Anderson
  36. Dianne Marsh
  37. Kirk Pepperdine
  38. James Ward
  39. Margo Davis
  40. Roberto Cortes
  41. Dalibor Topic
  42. Todd Costella
  43. Murat Yener
  44. Andy Gumbrecht
  45. Gertjan Wielanga
  46. Tori Wieldt
  47. George Saab
  48. Mohamed Taman
  49. Arun Gupta
  50. Sharat Chandler
  51. Daniel de Oliveria
  52. Gerrit Grunwald
  53. Badr El Hauori
  54. Jeff Genender
  55. Alex Theedon


This is the photo visitation of my blog around the JavaOne 2015 conference, which is the twentieth edition.


The audience is listening. When you speak at JavaOne, this will be your audience. So come strong, be prepared and primed ready to deliver your talk to these people!


Bruno! Is our Java Mascot, going to cut the cake or not? In case you are wondering, the puppet is a Brazilian finch called Juggy, named after the community of Java User Groups.


View from the Cityscape Hilton Tower level 45


The Nullpointer sisters (L) Susan and (R) Alison


Now it is my turn to cut the cake at the JCP party. I didn’t actually cut it, though.


The cake is in all of its splendour


When you are JavaOne speaker, you must make time for your attendees to ask pertinent questions about session, or you can simply swap business cards!


Null pointers performing at Duke’s cafe on the closed off Mason Street next to the Hilton hotel. Ed Burns was singing with Alison backing up. I’m took a timeout, because I didn’t know the song well enough.




We have to give the Oracle Java executives our full support: (L) George Saab and (R) Sharat Chandler. Without them we probably would not have a JavaOne conference to attend.



More Nullpointer goodness: (L) Frank Greco, (C) Freddy Guime and (R) Ed Burns


Alison sings


(L) Zoran Severnac, (C) Susan and (R) Alision and I still taking a break from this song.


Give the drummer some! Cesar is holding the rhythm sticks in style.


The whole Null Pointer band – a job well done after Thursday community keynote. From left to right: Ed, Zoran, me, Susan, Cesar, Mattias Karlson, Freddy, Hiroshi Ito and kneeling down is Frank Greco …. – Apologies to Alison


JavaOne 4 Kids of the future. Here is inspiration that you can make it in the Java ecosystem.


Community key note






What happens behind the scenes, backstage, at a massive JavaOne keynote in the Moscone Center?



Well you get to me Duke, the Java mascot, of course!


Let’s do it all again, next year, lads!


It’s time to toss or propel the JavaOne tee-shirts from the stage with James Gosling.


Cedric Champeau’s Groovy DSL in 2016 technical session


At the Tomitribe residence, who is holding court or setting up now?


My first book, Java EE 7 Developer Handbook was still selling in the conference bookstore.



Ed Burn’s 16 years of JavaOne conferences from year 2000 to 2015. Terrific!


As only Oracle can,!


San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, I have to love it!


I think that I reached the limit for a photo blog post entry! Enjoy! See you next year #JavaOne2016!


+PP+ 🙂

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