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The Collective Summer Camp UK Continues

26 July 2011 Comments off

2 minutes



In the first three weeks of July, I was super-busy, so The Collective Summer Camp UK had to take a backseat while I sorted out stuff. I am still pushing on with this event. I believe definitely that we should have this style of event happening in the UK. We have create the flaming green shoots of recovery somewhere in this land of Great Britain. We have be just the drivers and make sure that as software developers and designers make it happen!

I have no venue yet, but there are plenty of people really interested in taking part in a open-space conference and dojo combined all-dayer. I aiming to get a date of Saturday, 6th August 2011 in central London at the time of writing.




In the last weekend just gone, I created a Google Site Collective Summer Camp UK. The rewards are greater than the sum of parts, it would be great to crowd source some of this effort. Contact me directly please.

Register you interest here on this Google Form. The more people we have the more we can definitely push.

Weeks ago I brushed off my Wacom tablet and set about with the art in Adobe Illustrator. The logo features sun rays beaming through the sky. Notice there are no clouds in the sky to block the energy of Sun or mar our joy. It’s a new day. I believe rather that this symbology is exactly what we need in this world, today. Bloody hell! The least we can do in this life is improve and change the future outlook with education, finding the next direction, and learning new skills.

We are The Collective and we are busting loose, I guarantee it.


Collective Summer Camp UK Info (mp3)

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