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Cuke-Up Some Cucumbers

23 March 2011 Comments off

1 minute


You have probably guessed correctly. That’s right! I will be making a personal appearance at Skills Matter tomorrow for Cuke-Up, which is the one day conference about Cucumber BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) tool.

Why am I investing time learning about Ruby testing tool?

  • Well the answer is that many of Ruby’s goodness including RSpec have made their way into Scala world. Bill Venner’s ScalaTest in one framework influenced by RSpec.
  • In the Groovy land they reports of people invoke the WebDriver to execute step definitions. Also the Cucumber website looks awesome, man!
  • Something tells me that learning some ideas of Ruby might be useful later when I look and play around Mirah.
  • Finally, I am at liberty, justice and peace.

Learning Behaviour Driven Development from the horse’s mouth, or a very leading edge person, like Aslak Hellesøy is a no-brainer. There might be still tickets available so hurry. See you there.

Thanks to Wendy / Skills Matter

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy some photos from last Friday’s Functional Exchange:


Functional Exchange 2011


Functional Exchange 2011


Functional Exchange 2011


Allie oop!

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