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You Talk For Long Times: Tale of Two Agilities

22 March 2011 Comments off

1 minute


Today, I know for a fact, that the market is dead. It is easy to see why it is, and why everyone involved agile or agility or so bloody confused.


The Tale of Two Agilities by Barry Hawkins, XtraNormals. 


Explicit material over 16’s only: adult, swearing, alcohol

  • We do Agile at my job
  • We have the Scrums, there is one everyday
  • They are called compound statements. Books have lots of them. They are typically mastered from the age of three or four.
  • Do you teach Rails?
  • I have been to RailsConf, it was awesome, there were flags and chicks. Rad!
  • I have told my Agile boss that we need maintenance programmers
  • It is waste for me to do maintenance programming
  • Maintenance programmers are cheaper, hardware is cheaper too
  • We are agile we can change what we are doing every time, we don’t plan, timelines are useless
  • You talk for long times

PS: Barry Hawkins played this amusing YouTube video at the JavaPosse Round Up 2011 lightning talks.

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