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The Fundamental Business Case for Scala Web Presentation

10 March 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Here is screencast of a web presentation.

It is called The Fundamental Business Case for Scala. I admit this was long overdue by three weeks or so. JavaPosse RoundUp and a new Bathroom installation were in my way and therefore my time was severly crunched. 

This talk is aimed at non-technical staff in the organisation, non-programmers and business oriented people, line managers, team management, and of course the dearest stakeholders. I attempt to fly and pull up to 30000ft above the clouds, so that you ,the business decision maker, are not overloaded with technical programmer jargon. The only things you need to know, you will already know, are: Java the software platform, object-oriented programming and a dose of common sense. The talk is about getting Scala adopted into your organisation through the act of necessity. Change is inevitable and it is happening all around the Java software platform and it includes the wider community ecosystem. Change is uncertainty, what are specific factors that influencing the trend towards Beyond Java? In this presentation I attempted to answer this question.

The Fundamental Business Case for Scala from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

Please do let me know if you have feedback, without it I cannot hope to improve this talk. I really do need to make this a living talk, organic, your ideas and suggestions are valuable. Send me an email or tweet please.

Thank you in advance

(Sitting in the Westminister room at the QCon London 2011, Westminister, London)

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